Surface finishes

Marble is the very synthesis of craftsmanship tradition and technological innovation, ancient know-how and manufacturing techniques that Bacci Marmi reinterprets in a contemporary way, from the blocks of natural marble to the slabs and the finished products, the transformation of a natural material into precious products with surface finishes able to exalt its colours and textures..


Allows the light to penetrate the marble surface before it is reflected creating spectacular effects.


Matt, warm surface finishing exalting the most natural shades of stone and marble.





Delicate engravings at regular intervals cross the surface resulting in a continuous effect, as if the wefts of a precious fabric.

Soft touch

Irregular surface obtained via a special manufacturing process that makes the surface soft to the touch and reveals a delicate, unexpected aged effect..

flannel_05 soft_touch_03



Other surface finishes are available upon request: