Marble and natural stone, two materials that uphold the promise of naturally elegant spaces and consistent solutions for any project-planning need.


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Autumn Brown Light


Fine-grain, mottled brown stone in warm, sophisticated shades. The very fine and tightly-packed veins often form a shaded criss-crossing.



Fine-grain, cream-colored stone with lighter speckles; a versatile material which makes an ideal finish and is perfect in a variety of applications. Suitable for use in internal and external applications.

Bardiglio scuro


Even-consistency, fine-grain marble with characteristic dark grey coloring which alternates with lighter more uneven veins. Suitable for use in internal and external applications.

Bianco di Carrara


A compact white to grey marble with darker grey veins and spots. Its characteristic structure and luster of the fine crystals it contains means it can be held in high esteem, being the most versatile material wherever it is applied.

Calacatta gold


Marble with white or white-ivory base and mottled with soft, medium-sized streaks and with amber yellow, hues. A fine material that will illuminate and exalt the most sophisticated and exclusive of rooms. The marble is laid in an open-vein configuration to create unique designs evoking amazing depth and texture

Lagos azul


Limestone with color hues ranging from a light grey with veiled greenish tones to a darker, more even grey. Shades reflecting the earth and nature, offering an infinite array of combinations with other materials.



Una pietra dal colore caldo ed omogeneo che attraverso armoniosi passaggi cromatici modula il grigio ed il beige granulando la sua superficie con fascino ed eleganza.

Statuario venato


White marble with fine and medium-sized grey veins which create a unique textures. This has always been one of the most famous and fascinating of materials, selected by renowned architects and master sculptors.



Softly streaked beige stone creating a stylish and warm surface. Extremely versatile.

Vatican gold


Even structured, light ivory-colored limestone, often with warmer yellow-amber hues. The variety of minerals present in the marble convey its natural origins, combining a simple and pleasing aesthetic with the antique elegance of the stone.

Grigio foussana


Iron-grey stone with darker mottling dotted irregularly throughout. The particular shade and beautiful texture give it an understated elegance and immediate sense of feeling.

Bardiglio Grey Dawn

12 grey dawn

Veined marble with grey shadow spot random mixing with clear net. This surface have a nice image both for classic and contemporay interior design. Available with satin finish and polished.

Tala Dark Grey

13 tala grey

Warm grey stone with dark inclusion and light stonalized. Versatile product ideal both for residential and commercial use.

Venatino Gioia

14 venatino gioia

Marble with a long story of traditional use in residential. A warm white surface entiched by grey veining. Satin surface available.