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Bacci Marmi was founded by Silvano Bacci in 1960 in Pietrasanta, in the heart of Tuscan Versilia; the art of working marble, learnt in craftsmanship laboratories and while working in the marble quarries, alongside experts craftsmen, has been a constant companion in the search for new manufacturing techniques able to exalt the colours and surface of marble and bring out the most endearing qualities of the natural stone, which can create a strong bond between tradition and evoke its natural link with nature.

Over the years, the Bacci family has consolidated its expertise, managing to combine the traditional ability of marble masters with contemporary tastes and design trends, thus creating a rich range of materials with unexpected, spectacular finishes.

This constant development has allowed the company to take the art and traditions of Tuscany and merge them with innovation, elegance, and contemporary style, and to meet the needs of those who have always been marble-lovers or to meet the needs of those who are just discovering the qualities of natural stone for the first time.

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The manufacturing process of marble is carried out in the various laboratories on company premises, a complete production process able to drive forward technological innovation and able to quickly adapt to ever-changing manufacturing systems and constantly monitor every single phase of the process.

The roughing-out and cutting of blocks of marble allow for its cutting into slabs even as thin as 1cm, with a vast and varied production of modular formats and the creation of special trims.

The artisanal and artistic process followed during the creation of mosaics and marble inlays guarantees unique, exclusive shades and shapes.

The various surface finishes are carried out respecting the various typologies of marble and natural stones taking into consideration and exalting their natural colours and textures.